What is Shrooble?

Shrooble is a simple web-based mobile-friendly tool that we are using to streamline our communications and build our own private online
community. You will receive messages and event reminders from us and your teachers via Shrooble. We are also aiming to go green and plan to distribute all handouts digitally via Shrooble.
Once the semester begins, you will recieve an invitation email to join your class group. It is not mandatory for you to complete the registration in order to receive communications from us. However, we recommend you do sign up in order to get the full benefits of the system, such as being able to send your own message to your teacher or other parents. 
Here are a few member benefits that you will enjoy:
  • Provides a one-stop private repository for all communications within our private community - All contacts, messages, electronic handouts and event notifications organized in one place; no more missed events, lost messages and handouts, or missing contacts. 

  • Lets you connect easily within your group – Interact with your teacher or peer-to-peer with other parents in your class as needed; you can communicate either 1:1 or as a group. 

  • Accessible where and when you need – via phone, tablet or computer. 

We want you to know that privacy is extremely important to us and your contact information is never disclosed. Shrooble members will only be able to see the names of parents and children in their own class group. Also Shrooble is a communications solution and not an ad-based platform; hence none of the data is shared with a third party company.