Classroom FAQs

What's expected of my child in class?

When you come to our classes, all we expect of your children is to be themselves! This will look different for each child; some may sit in your lap and observe, some may wander around the room, some may jump in right away. Your children are never required to sit in the circle or expected to conform to an adult's idea of participation. As long as the children are safe, they are free to be themselves. 


What's expected of me (the caregiver in attendance) in class? 

Whether you consider yourself musical or not, you are your child’s best music teacher at this age, so all you have to do is simply have fun, and model the musical behavior from your teacher to your child.  Simple as that!


We’d like you to think of this class as a 'music immersion' class where we only ‘speak’ the language we are learning, which is music!  We kindly ask that you wait to socialize until after class. 


What if I miss a class during the semester?

We offer unlimited make-up classes per 10-week session, as space permits. All make-ups must be scheduled using our online makeup scheduler at least a day in advance, and must be used during the current semester. Please schedule your make-ups as soon as you need them to open up spots for other families also needing to schedule make-ups.


What if my child is sick?

Please keep your child home at the first signs of a cold, a fever over 100, sneezing and color to runny nose mucus. They must be fever free, and not have vomited for at least 24 hours before returning to class.


May I take pictures/videos in class? 

Your musical modeling and participation is the key to your child’s learning, therefore phone use is not allowed during our classes. However, we realize that for most of us, our phones are also our cameras, and we understand that you may want to document this precious time with your child. So, if you’d like to capture a moment, we ask that you limit this to a few quick ones of YOUR OWN child only during the play along, then quickly tuck your phone away and get back to making music with your child. Not every family is comfortable with their children being photographed, thank you for respecting their privacy and adhering to our policy, which we take very seriously.  We are happy to let you use our props to take a photo/video before or after class, just ask your teacher!


Can we bring food, drinks or toys into class?

Please no food, drinks other than water, toys or stuffed animals in class (exception: ‘lovey’- type objects that are emotionally important to your child), as these things will create a distraction. You are welcome to nurse anytime.


Is it OK for more than one adult to come to class?

Yes, parents, grandparents, or other loved ones are welcome to attend class at any time, no need to ask!


Can we bring along an older sibling, cousin or friend to a class?

Yes. Additional children are welcome to drop in on a class; a drop in fee of $10 per child per class will be charged if this happens two or more times during the semester.



Please be in touch with us at with any questions. Have a great time in class!